Interview With The Vampire Season 2 Release Window, New Cast, And More Info

Trisha D.
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One of the best things about the new “Interview With The Vampire” series is its cast. Leading the troupe are the trio of Lestat (Sam Reid), the ageless dandy who presides over the turn of the century New Orleans scene with a debonair brand of brutality, Louis (Jacob Anderson), the anguished vampire recently turned by Lestat who rejects the impulses of his new, dead flesh, and Claudia (Bailey Bass), their adopted child of sorts who has her own unquenchable taste for blood.

One of the big shakeups come season 2 is Bass’s replacement by the actress Delainey Hayles. Last year, Bass announced on Instagram that “due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances,” she wouldn’t be returning as Claudia, her self-described “dream role,” for season 2. It’s unclear how the series will handle the swap, if it’s acknowledged at all. From the brief glimpses we get of Hayles’ Claudia in the teasers that have been released for the next season, she seems to have taken Claudia on with the same tenacity and dark charm that Bass and Dunst before her.

Eric Bogosian will also be returning as Louis’ present-day interlocutor, the titular interviewer Daniel Molloy, as will Assad Zaman as the smoldering love interest to Louis who began season 1 as the servant “Rashid,” but was later revealed to be none other than the infamous Armand. New to the cast are Roxane Duran as Madeleine, and Ben Daniels, who will be playing the treacherous lead thespian at the Théâtre des Vampires, Santiago.

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